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Web Site Optimization - Leverage browser caching

If you set an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources, modern browsers will load previously downloaded static resources like images, css, javascript, pdf, swf etc. from local disks rather than over the network.

So if you configure your web server to set caching headers and apply them to all cacheable static resources, your site will appear to load much faster.

Web Site Optimization - Eliminate unnecessary reflows

Moving inline style blocks and <link> elements from the document body to the document head improves rendering performance.

Specifying external stylesheets and inline style blocks in the body of an HTML document can negatively affect the browser's rendering performance. Browsers block rendering a web page until all external stylesheets have been downloaded. Inline style blocks (specified with the <style> tag) can cause reflows and shifting of content. Therefore, it's important to put references to external stylesheets, as well as inline style blocks, in the head of the page. By ensuring that stylesheets are downloaded and parsed first, you can allow the browser to progressively render the page.

Web Site Optimization - Avoid long running scripts

One of the programming barriers that web developers are constantly bumping up against is the dreaded long-running script dialog (also called a runaway script dialog). These frightening dialogs are displayed whenever your JavaScript code takes too long to execute. The cardinal rule of web programming is that a user should never see this dialog, as it indicates a lack of proper JavaScript code architecture. Or to put it in simple terms: your code is trying to do too much.

Web Site Optimization - Defer parsing javascript

Deferring loading of JavaScript functions that are not called at startup reduces the initial download size, allowing other resources to be downloaded in parallel, and speeding up execution and rendering time.

Web Site Optimization - Avoid CSS Import

Using CSS @import in an external stylesheet can add additional delays during the loading of a web page.


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