Web Site Optimization - Avoid long running scripts

One of the programming barriers that web developers are constantly bumping up against is the dreaded long-running script dialog (also called a runaway script dialog). These frightening dialogs are displayed whenever your JavaScript code takes too long to execute. The cardinal rule of web programming is that a user should never see this dialog, as it indicates a lack of proper JavaScript code architecture. Or to put it in simple terms: your code is trying to do too much.

Regardless of the browser being used, your users should never encounter this dialog. It’s very important to do regular performance testing of the JavaScript in your site or web application before deploying to production. There are numerous tools you can use, such as Firebug’s profiler (Firefox), the YUI Profiler (all browsers), and Internet Explorer 8′s Profiler. You should be looking for any single script execution that takes 100ms or longer on any given browser; those methods involved with such a long execution should be evaluated for performance issues. Make sure you don’t use Chrome as your baseline since its JavaScript execution is orders of magnitude faster than others (same goes for Firefox 3.1 and the latest WebKit nightlies). It’s best to use Internet Explorer as a baseline and then look at other browsers; since IE is often the slowest JavaScript engine, fixing problems for it will certainly fix issues in other browsers as well.

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