How to diffuse video on private lan through VLC

We will use VLC for its original purpose: broadcast a video on your local network. The typical case being that of a video stored on desktop PC hard drive that shall be sharded to be watched on some other parts. This intends that VLC is installed on both ends of the chain: the desktop PC that sends the video and the receiver.

Step 1 (phase 1): VLC install

VLC is compatible with all major operating systems. You can stream from a Windows or a Mac to receive on a smartphone or any other receiver. For this example, we shall consider that installation is about Windows OS. There is a 32-bit Windows version and a 64-bit. Install the one you want.

Step 2: Open the file to distribute

Start VLC via the Start menu and try Media RSS to create a video stream.

Click Add, locate your movie (if you are doing this for the first time, choose the easier setting with Avi file for preffered format and without .srt separate subtitle) and press Open to validate.

Click the Broadcast to diffuse.

Step 3: Prepare the stream

In the Stream Output window, click Next to move to the module Destination. New destination in the list, choose HTTP and click Add.

In the next tab, note the port number (default 8080).

In Transcoding options, select the Enable transcoding.

Step 4: Choose an encoding

All codecs are not always compatible with all network streams. VLC should convert on the fly: in profile, choose MP3 + DIV3. depending on the video, transcoding will sometimes be unnecessary. Some codecs also require more bandwidth network. Testing is required!

Step 5: Run the broadcast

Nothing special to do in this module options: directly click Broadcast.

If this is the first time you broadcast with VLC, the firewall of Windows will display an alert, as yet unrecognized application tries to send data over the network: click Allow access.

Step 6: find the IP address of your transmitter

You will need to know the IP address (the address on your LAN) to your PC transmitter. On it, type the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R, type cmd / k ipconfig and enter. Its IP address is the IPv4 address line. Write it down and close this window.

Step 7: Open your movie on the PC drive

The broadcast began on the PC diffuser. Launch it and let VLC Media, Open Network Stream. In the command line, enter http://IPBroadcastAddress:8080, eg based on the IP survey to step 6. Validate by Read.

Step 8: Check the movie being played

To access a specific point in the movie, move the time slider on the PC diffuser on the timing to achieve (the timer of the PC reading indicates that the total playing time). To pause, press the space bar, but this time playing on the PC.

Step 9 (phase two): stream your video on the Net

You must first go to the settings of your router or your internet box to forward port 8080 to PC diffuser. The adjustment differs from a box to another. On the Netgear CBVG834G Numericable, for example, it is in the Port Forwarding menu. In the Custom Rules, enter name in VLC, then in 8080 starting port and ending port, both in the Protocol and 18 (number of PC diffuser our example) in local IP address. Then click Add. Then go to the site to find your IP on the net and tell your friends to use it to step 7.


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