Construct 2, HTML5 games made easy

Construct 2 is a great piece of software that lets you create and distribute your very own games in HTML5. Construct 2 makes it so easy that you don’t really need to know much of anything about programming or coding. More on that, once you create your games you can send them out to places like Facebook or Kongregate seamlessly.

How does it works

Construct 2 is an HTML5 game making tool that doesn’t require any programming knowledge. Construct 2 have done an amazing job of creating a system that can accomplish just about anything. Instead of using a traditional coding/scripting language like C, Java or Javascript, Construct 2 is based around an event system management that replaces code. The event system is incredibly intuitive for anyone with even the most basic understanding of game/programming logic, allowing for the rapid creation of additional functionality. You just drag and drop items around, add behaviors to them, and make them come alive with “events”. It is a perfect platform for people just starting out in game development.

It is designed to create HTML5 and only HTML5 projects. You don't have to create different versions to run on different operating systems. This one-size-fits-all approach streamlines the game development process, taking a huge burden off the shoulders of the developer.

The user interface is centered around drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to quickly block out your level design with basic colored blocks.
This combined with preloaded behavior types, such as platforming and eight-directional movement management, allow simple prototypes to be created and tested in minutes.

Once you read some of their guides and tutorials, everything is very easy. Animations are really easy to do. The tool allows to import either many images which will be transformed into frames, or import a spritesheet that will be cropped to make frames. However, Construct 2 doesn’t have quick-align shortcuts as Flash does, and that makes it extremely hard and boring to align objects easily in the screen.

Construct 2′s event system is very interseting. It is a really fun challenge to “program” the events, since only a set of limited conditions and actions are prposoed. But this is not a handicap even for people from a heavy coding background.

Further perspective

Due to HTML5′s still experimental nature, some features may not work properly across all devices. One example is audio : there is still differences between major browsers as Firefox, Chrome and Android’s (which just doesn’t play audio).

For people who want to get into making games but don’t know or have trouble with programming, Construct 2 is the perfect tool. Construct 2 can export your game to work not only within Facebook or Kongregate, but on mobile devices too. The nec-plus-ultra is then to export those games through AppMobi or PhoneGap tools to "convert" them to native iPhone or Android games.

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