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New free e-book available on faresweb.net As new technologies emerge, both legitimate and malicious, and as defenses mature, cybercriminals are enhancing their modus operandi. The past year saw the proliferation of organized cybercrime, funded by real-life organized crime and, potentially, even hostile foreign states. Security and risk professionals need to understand what Internet threats they are facing and to what extent their organizations are at risk. This analysis is not only important to understanding the efficacy of current security mechanisms but is also essential if we as an industry are to prepare for what’s to come. Attack statistics suggest that malware attackers infiltrated benign Web sites by exploiting Web-server vulnerabilities or leveraging third-party content. High-profile Web sites are popular infiltration targets because they have a large amount of traffic. It’s worth noting that a rising number of attacks leveraged Web advertising as a delivery platform. The Web advertising ecosystem creates a complex relationship among ad-hosting, ad-placement, and ad-writing entities: Web sites that host third-party-placed advertisements via Google or Yahoo!, for example, often don’t know where the ads come from or whether they contain malicious content. This is also true for Smartphone’s application distribution process via Apple App Store or Android Market. So feel free to download free ebook about Web & Mobile Security Best Practices here.

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